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3-5 Year Rent Guaranteed


If you would be interested in the security of a long-term tenant without any of the day to day responsibilities of a landlord; want to receive market rent with no voids and no fees paid to estate agents; or want to get out of the student letting market then our Commercial Lease is the perfect solution. Basic steps of a Commercial Lease Setting up and managing a commercial lease with us is incredibly easy: 1. You tell us the monthly rental amount that you would be happy to receive. 2. We provide a commercial lease agreement that has been drafted by our solicitors and sets out all of the terms. 3. We take over the management of the house and fill it with our professional tenants. 4. You receive your guaranteed rent and watch your bank balance grow!

The following are some of the risks associated with this type of agreement:

• We are unable to make the monthly rent payments. If we are late with a rent payment by more than 30 days you can immediately regain possession of the house. Unlike an assured short-hold tenancy (AST), which is the normal method of renting out a property – your commercial contract with us has no long notice periods to necessary to regain possession. You have full legal right to your property 30 days after a missed payment.

• The tenants don’t take care of the house.  We screen each tenant and our cleaner visits on a regular basis, reporting back anything of note.  We have contracted to return the house to you in the same or better condition than when we received it – so this is our problem, not yours! What do we do? We are responsible for paying you the set monthly rental fee each month.  We fill the house with our professional tenants, we ensure all of the utilities and council tax are paid, we hire a cleaner and a gardener (where applicable) to watch over the property and take care of the communal areas.  We are the first port of call for the tenants if they have any problems.  We are the landlord and take over all of the landlord responsibilities so that you don’t have to worry about any of it.  Because our tenants expect the highest quality and standards we generally need to spend money up-front in order to make the house suitable.  For this reason our commercial lease agreements are generally 5 years.  Shorter ones can be arranged but are generally at a lower monthly rental amount.

How do we get paid?

Unlike estate agents – we do not charge you any fees or commissions.  We earn our commission from the tenant that we put in to the house.  Because we rent to professionals and provide quality housing with flexible length terms along with professional services we are able to receive a markup on the monthly rent.


Why should you choose a Commercial Lease? If you don’t want the responsibilities of a landlord - like being called at midnight when a tenant is locked out or when a boiler breaks and if you don’t want to have to deal with finding new tenants or hiring estate agents then a commercial lease could suit you. Also, if you would like the security of a long term agreement and guaranteed rents and if you would like your home to be well taken care of with professionals rather than students then you should definitely consider a commercial lease. What are the risks? There are always risks when renting your house. By using commercial lease agreements the risks are mitigated as we have used a specialist solicitor to create a tightly written contract.

OPTION 1 – Guaranteed Rent Scheme for 3 – 5 Years

Dreytons Properties will rent your property directly from you for an agreed fixed term and will pay you a guaranteed rent every month in line with market rents regardless of voids. We become your tenant and offer you one point of contact rather than having to deal with multiple tenants. We deal with all property management and maintenance and you can arrange for a property inspection at any time giving you the peace of mind you require.

Our Guaranteed Rent Service Fee – 0%

OPTION 2 – Guaranteed Rent with Option to Purchase

If you are considering selling your property or portfolio some time in the future. Dreytons Properties can offer you a guaranteed income for a fixed term in line with market rents from now until you are ready to sell. We will guarantee and fix your desired sale price TODAY allowing you to plan comfortably for the future. We ensure you enjoy the best of both worlds. Certainty regardless of market conditions and guaranteed income regardless of voids.

Our Guaranteed Rent + Purchase Service Fee – 0%

OPTION 3 – Full HMO Management

We understand the attraction to owning an HMO are the high yields that can be generated, but also know that being an HMO Landlord is a full time commitment and is very time consuming. Dreytons Properties provides a full HMO management in London service covering everything from refurbishment to sourcing professional tenants to providing regular reports and keeping you abreast of all relevant regulations. Along with our rent guarantee scheme, we ensure you enjoy real passive income.

Our Full HMO Management Fee – 10% of monthly rent collected


Which areas do you take properties on?

We cover all areas within Greater London.

What type of properties do you deal with?

All types – but normally houses or flats with a minimum of 3 bedrooms and 2 reception rooms.  We are also looking for modern one or two bedroom apartments in or near the city centre. Please contact us to find out if we can help.

Does the property need to be furnished?

Not necessarily. We take on fully furnished, part furnished and completely unfurnished properties.

Is this sub-letting?

No. Phoenix Properties do not have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy with the owner/landlord of the property. Instead, we have a management contract, just as a letting agent would.

Do you pay a deposit?

We pay you the equivalent of one month’s rent as a deposit.

How do I receive rent payments?

We will set up a monthly standing order direct to your bank account for the agreed rent. This will be paid each and every month for the duration of the contract and is guaranteed to be on time each month.

What are your fees?

Zero! We don’t take fees from Landlords! Not a single penny.

What do you mean by maintenance?

We manage any ordinary maintenance costs and we pay for it. So, unless there are extraordinary maintenance problems (eg. the boiler has to be replaced, damp issues, the roof collapses, etc), it is our duty to manage the problem, fix it and pay for it.

I have a whole portfolio of properties; do you take on multiple houses from one person?

Yes that’s not a problem. We can take on 1 or 20 houses from you, provided they meet our criteria.

How much wear and tear can I expect to see as it will be a shared household?

In essence, we believe that there is less wear and tear as professional tenants spend most of their time either at work or out socializing! We have a regular cleaner who cleans all the communal areas and who is also ‘our eyes and ears’. This service is not provided if you go down the normal lettings route.

Do you have your own tradesmen?

We have a Maintenance Manager and a team of fully qualified tradesmen that we use for maintenance and general repairs.

How can I be assured the property won’t get damaged?

To date we have never had any major damage done to any of our properties. We follow a stringent quality control process in the shape of regular inspections and cleaners. If there is any minor damage we recover the cost from the tenant. All of our tenants pay us a deposit at the start of their AST which we protect with the DPS (Deposit Protection Scheme).

Who will pay for ongoing repairs?

We will be responsible for all minor repairs and maintenance. As the landlord, you will still be responsible for safety compliance but we will manage and arrange this for you.

Will I have to deal with the tenants?

No, we are your tenant managers. We deal with all of our tenants, all phones calls, emails, viewings, meetings etc. We do all the legwork for you, so you can relax.

What if one of the tenants doesn’t pay or is late paying?

That’s our problem not yours. This very rarely happens in reality, but when it does we cover the cost and you receive your full rent as promised.

What input will I have with the property once I sign a contract with you?

You can have as little or as much involvement with your property as you like. We understand that some Landlords (especially at the start of our working relationship) like to be a little more hands on until they trust us 100% with their assets. However, the whole idea is that it gives you hassle free rent while you sit back and relax!

What happens if I want to end my contract with you or vice versa?

We ask for you to give us a minimum of 6 months’ notice and we would do the same for you. This is to give our tenants the time to find a new home