Are you new to investing in property? If yes, what would be the first thing that you would consider: the property type, the purchase cost, or the property location?

There is no single answer, but it is commonly said to be ‘location, location, location’.  Tenants look for the same thing; a good location. The key is to find properties in areas with demand and appeal from tenants; whilst also providing the right level of rental income or capital growth.

A location that has promising appeal would have good access routes, good public transportation, and be in close proximity to schools, local amenities, and businesses for potential work opportunities.  Ultimately, the property has to match your budget as well as where people want to live.

Overall, property investing requires sound expertise on:

  • Current property market
  • Key locations
  • Property types
  • Tenant types
  • Good rental investments
  • Yields – Return on Investment
  • Short-term income
  • Long-term capital growth
  • Property management

There are other important things to consider to be absolutely sure that a particular property would make a good rental investment for you.  Get in touch with our team of experts on 020 8088 0870 and we will help you to source suitable properties.