Top Tips for Moving Abroad


Do your homework
Research your destination, visit the country as often as you can, visit forums and expat community resources, to help get a feel for the area. 

Read up of local laws & customs
Familiarise yourself with local regulations and customs, don’t get caught out because you haven’t done your research.

Don’t rush into buying abroad
Take time to visit the country as often as you can, visit as many properties as you can and ensure that you are familiar with local protocol.

Seek independent legal advice
Make sure you get advice from a legal advisor that understands the law of the country you intend to move to.

Plan for your health
The rules for accessing healthcare abroad will be different to those in the UK. Be sure to take out health insurance until you are registered under the state system of your new home country. As soon as you are settle sort out your healthcare, don’t wait until you are ill to access healthcare.

Consider your long-term financial requirements
Be clear about how moving overseas may affect any benefits or retirement income received. Be realistic about your living costs overseas; don’t assume they will be on the same once you’re not living in the UK.

Read up on tax regulations
Be sure to research the taxes that will be applicable to you in your in new, once you move abroad.

Do you know the costs?
Don’t forget to take into account exchange rates and potential financial implications of moving overseas.

Tell everyone your leaving
Make a list of everyone that needs to know that you are leaving; family, friends, Social Security Office, HM Revenue & Customs and the Department of Work & Pensions, and your GP that you are moving overseas.

The key to a successful move abroad is making sure that you have integrated into the local community. Plan to have fun, don’t isolate yourself, do as much as you can to get settle in your new home.


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