Guaranteed Rent in Uncertain Times

Guarantee your investment is generating you income at all times

In these uncertain times during Covid19, find an alternative way to guarantee no void periods in your rental property.

Many landlords in the years of owning and renting a property will experience void periods. As I am sure, you will agree void periods are something that no Landlord wants to hear at any time especially, in these new challenging times we are all experiencing. So what if we could guarantee you NO VOID PERIODS for the next 5 years.

 Is that something you would interest you?

If you are an experienced Landlord or just starting on your property journey of rental properties, your top priority is that you do not experience any void periods at all. Sometimes this is a hard job to do as you have to deal with tenants moving out early, having to repair the property when tenants move out, agents not letting the property quickly enough and all this takes your precious time.

By choosing a guaranteed rent scheme, this can be done with no hassle and without taking any of your valuable time. You can choose how long you sign up for and have the option of a 1-5 year period.

To give you peace of mind for this, have you thought of a guaranteed rent scheme to avoid those times of uncertainty?


  • Peace of mind that your property is generating you income 365 days a year if occupied or vacant
  • The freedom to plan your future with the income the property is generating
  • Ensure all expenses are always covered for your property
  • No fees to be paid for the duration of your guaranteed rent
  • Your property will be maintained to your high standard
  • Property maintenance and inspections to be carried out regularly and reported back to you to ensure your investment is in safe hands
  • The end of the agreement your property will be returned to yourself as the same standard as provided

At the end of the agreement as you will have experienced how hassle-free and easy this option is why not sign up again and live your life knowing your investment carries on producing you a fixed rental income every month and carry on planning the next phase of your journey with the passive income that will produce

To ensure this is possible and you can benefit from all of the great options that a guaranteed rent scheme offers you should contact Dreytons today and sleep easy with the peace of mind that we are looking after your property with all of our experience and expertise.

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