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An important mistake many landlords make is not considering the possibility of using a property management company. Frequently, landlords decide to manage their properties on their own, but the assistance of a professional may be of great benefit. A property management company deals directly with tenants, saving landlords a great deal of time and money during the entire rental process. If you are a new landlord in need of guidance, knowing that both your tenants and property are being handled correctly can be a very helpful experience. 

First impressions are not always accurate, and even the most honest-looking tenants can prove to be difficult to deal with. It is for this reason that letting agents and property management companies always conduct a thorough screening of potential tenants. In order to ensure that they are taking on a reliable, responsible, and respectful tenant, a good company will conduct credit checks and evaluate an applicant’s reference

Dreytons will market your property to our existing tenant database as well as through our partnerships with OpenRent, Zoopla, and Rightmove. Our goal is to find the best tenant for your property. 

We act in the best interests of our tenants, and negotiate the tenancy agreement, the rent to be paid, carry out referencing, and carry out all necessary checks on the property.  We follow a simple, but thorough process.  After an offer has been accepted, we conduct the following essential checks against all prospective tenants:

We carry out:

  • Employer Referencing
  • Personal Credit Checks
  • Previous Landlord/ Agent Checks
  • Right to Rent Checks

The Tenancy Agreement will be drafted for your consideration once all the checks have been approved.

After both parties have agreed, we will oversee the signing of the agreements. It is our responsibility to arrange your inventory, as well as your check-in and check-out inspections. Following the approval of all checks, we will draft our legally approved Tenancy Agreement for your review. To ensure that you and your property remain compliant, we can also arrange all of your necessary safety certificates.

We arrange:

  • Gas Safety Certificates
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • Electrical Safety Inspections
  • Portal Appliance Tests

Each month, we ensure that your rent is collected promptly, allowing you to carry on with your daily activities. As maintenance and management issues arise, you will remain responsible. Our 0% Fee Guaranteed Rent Scheme, or Full Property Management, is available if you prefer complete hands off management.  

Whichever service you choose, we will always be on hand to assist you moving forward.   Having a property manager as your tenant’s point of contact can greatly reduce the amount of stress associated with being a landlord. A professional approach to all interactions with tenants will protect you from any awkward or confrontational conversations regarding late rent payments, unreasonable property damage, or evictions.

Renting, purchasing, or moving can be quite a hassle. Most people find all of this to be very stressful. You can improve the quality of life of your tenants by providing them with qualified property managers. The managers will be responsible for handling all small issues, so they will not need to bother the landlord. As a result, your tenants will have more time to focus on themselves and their personal and professional lives. 

It is a great tool for passive income to have a property portfolio. As long as it is managed properly, it can be a powerful tool for developing wealth and making further investments in real estate. It is our goal to ensure your property is advertised effectively in order to reach your target audience with our assistance. Once a building has been rented, we perform regular maintenance checks to reduce maintenance costs in the long run and ensure longevity of the building.

Dreytons are always looking to partner with private landlords, investors and property developers. If you are interested in working with us or have any properties that would profit from our expert management, please contact us.

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