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We provide you with safe, secure, and supported homes. Our properties are a mixture of new builds, victorian apartments, and houses situated in safe residential areas, with close transport links and amenities. 

We are professional and friendly and are here to support you. All maintenance issues are reported via our online property management portal and are resolved quickly. We also have a 24-hour emergency line in case the worst happens.


Important Information about Your Tenancy

Allow access for inspections and repairs.

Your Property will be inspected regularly. We will notify you by writing to confirm an appointment. We must be allowed access to the property to conduct our inspection. 

If any repairs are reported, we will attend the property as soon as possible to carry out the repairs. We will give you at least 24 hours’ notice of when we will attend. Please ensure you are available for us to access the property unless you have given us prior permission to attend without you being present. 




If you wish to keep a pet at the property, you must make us aware of this before signing the tenancy agreement. We may give permission which is at our discretion. Our decision is final.

Do not alter or change the property without our permission. 

You must request permission from Dreytons if you wish to make any changes to the property. Changes would include decorating, hanging shelves/ pictures/ TVs, etc.



Paying Bills

If you are renting a single unit and not an HMO, you are responsible for paying the following bills: 

  • Electricity & Gas 
  • Water rates
  • Council tax
  • WiFi 

All bills should be paid promptly.


Taking care of the property 

You must look after the Property and any outdoor spaces.

The Property must be kept clean, tidy, and presentable.

All windows, blinds, and curtains should be kept clean. 



Abide By The Rules Of Your Tenancy Agreement

It is essential that you observe the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement. Failure to abide by these obligations may result in further action against you by the landlord or the council.

  1. No more than the permitted number of people can live at the Property.
  2. You must not make excessive noise or a nuisance or allow other household members or visitors to make excessive noise or cause a disturbance.
  3. You must pay all water, gas, electric, council tax, and phone bills.
  4. You must not keep pets on the Property without our permission.
  5. You must keep the Property, including the garden, in good and clean condition.
  6. You must not cause damage to the Property, and you must immediately repair any damage that is generated.
  7. You, Will, Be Charged For Any Damage Caused By Any Member Of The Household Or A Visitor.
  8. You must not carry out illegal activities on the Property.
  9. You must report repairs to Dreytons immediately.
  10. You must allow access to Dreytons when requested.
  11. You must ensure that when you move out:
  • The property is left in clean condition
  • All bills are paid
  • Any damage is repaired
  • No items are missing



If you have been housed by a London Borough’s housing and homeless accommodation section, the Property will be provided as un-furnished; however, if any furniture is left in the Property, it will only be removed at your council’s request, excluding the cooker and the fridge freezer which would need to remain in the Property.

You are still responsible for ensuring that these items are looked after while you live at the Property.


When you move out.

We will inform you when you need to move out of the property. You must arrange a convenient time for us to attend to check you out. When you move out, you must make sure that:

  1. All damage to the Property caused by you has been rectified. This includes excessive wear & tear. We will charge you for any damage to the property that has not been fixed. 
  2. You have professionally cleaned The Property.
  3. All rubbish and personal belonging have been removed
  4. Nothing has been taken from the property that belongs to Dreytons. No items are missing.
  5. All bills have been paid in full. You have informed the supplier you are moving out, and there are no outstanding debts.
  6. You have provided a forwarding address.



Repairs that you are responsible for:

You are responsible for certain items in the Property:

  • Blocked sinks/baths/toilets caused by your misuse.
  • Changing locks and cutting additional keys due to lost keys.
  • Any damage caused by you or your visitors.
  • Clearing gardens should they become over-grown.
  • Removal of your furniture when you leave the property.
  • Changing light bulbs.

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