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Welcome to Dreytons

Dreytons are an innovative property management and investment business specialising in properties in North & East London and the surrounding areas of Hertfordshire & Essex. We have combined experience of over 20 years and we are passionate about helping our Landlords and Investors find innovative property solutions. If you are an experienced Landlord or buying your first Buy to Let property we can help you.

We offer solutions to  Landlords who have had enough of exchanging their time for money as full time property managers and want to enjoy passive income whilst their investment works for them. We want renting your property to be as stress free as possible. 

If you are a Landlord that has had enough of the headache of being a Landlord and want to enjoy  GUARANTEED RENT from your property we have the solutions designed to meet your requirements. 


What Do We Do?

No Hassle, No Voids, Guaranteed Rent

If you are a Landlord and are looking for a guaranteed fixed rental income every month without any of the management issues that you are used to, w can help. 

Take the hassle out of sourcing your tenants. We manage the whole process.. With our guaranteed rent property management option  we are sure we can help you get your property producing an income fast. 

Enjoy passive income. We will pay your guaranteed rent every month for 3-5 years irrespective of void periods and return your property in the same or improved condition at the end.

At the end of the agreement, you receive your property back in a better condition than when you started.


Benefits of our Guaranteed Rent

  • We would offer a guaranteed rent for 3-5 years on your property.

  • We would usually spend a few thousand pounds decorating and furnishing your property as well as other upgrades and improvements at our own cost.

  • We cover ALL the maintenance of the property (excluding structural, heating and electrics) for the duration of the agreement.

  • There are NO fees as there would be with a normal letting agent so you get the full market rent every month making it a hands off investment for you.

  • We charge ZERO fees for the life of the agreement as we make our money from the tenants and companies we work with.

  • We keep your property to a high standard throughout the agreement and have a regular cleaner and conduct weekly inspections.